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"Truly beautiful with its myriad of textures and the roller coaster of feelings it brings to the listener"


"Vitriol does an excellent job in crafting intricate tunes that will keep any fan of the genre glued to the edge of their seat. The band combines Progressive greatness with a dark vibe and produces a very unique and melancholic sound that only older Pain of Salvation could pull off. If you are looking for a very enjoyable Progressive release, look no further and pick-up a copy of “Into The Silence I Sink"


"An album that never gets tiring even though the complexity of the music and instead makes you feel great emotions"


"A travel way beyond the deifinition of prog metal"


"I Vitriol sanno ben dosare le parti più aggressive e quelle più melodiche regalandoci 10 brani ricchi di sfaccettature che si dipanano in maniera multiforme proprio come vogliono i canoni del progressive rock. Tali contrasti estetici appaiono evidenti in Despite Your Cries. E' proprio in questa sensazione di continuo cambiamento che i Vitriol trovano la propria forza e originalità"


"The type of album that you keep listening to over and over and keeps surprising you with a new and deeper meaning"


"Examining every part would probably take up my entire output for a month. If you want something shockingly progressive but with a darker edge then get hold of this. Changing riffs, building compositions and so much more await the listener in this technical curiosity of progressiveness with a twist"


"A true diamond in the prog metal world"


"Ten songs full of poetry, cold and dark sounds that take your breath away and squeeze your heart, many seductive shadows and very few, but strong lights. Something everyone should listen to"


"A debut album that already sounds very mature"


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